Joe Pella Talks to You Season 3: Talking to Joe about Austin Powers

In a heated debate about what a comedian should not say, Joe Pella found a lot of claims about things that no one seemed to care about on TV.Consider the title of the new season Joe Pella talking to you, His adult swimming comedy started in November: “Joe Pera Sits With You” (in which Pera talks about buying a chair) or “Joe Pera teaches you how to make a fire” (he teaches you how to make a fire)”) or even “Joe Pera Discuss with you the appropriate recreational activities of the school” (it is best if you take a look at it yourself).

When it premiered in 2018, Joe Pella talking to you It feels like the strangest and most wonderful thing on TV. The title accurately describes the audience’s feelings: in 11 minutes, Joe Pera will talk to the audience about a subject in a sad, monotonous but warm tone, because Pera plays a fictional middle school The chorus teacher himself-interacts with the audience with his friends and neighbors in Marquette, Michigan, sometimes in a way that is directly related to the theme of the show, sometimes in a more abstract way. For example, although the third season premiere was about buying a chair, it was also about helping his friend Gene (Gene Kelly) cope with the discomfort of retirement.

all Joe Pella talking to you It’s like this: the world is the window to the soul, and if you open your heart, nothing is really boring.

“The line that author Dan Licata came up with a few weeks ago was’Other TV shows feel like they are made with energy drinks,” Joe Pera told me on the phone, “So this It feels like it’s made from energy drinks. Cider.’”

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It’s tempting to describe Joe Pella As a comfort TV, this is due to its warm emotions and Pella’s optimistic personality. But this feels like an oversimplification. The series has a dark side: the audience encounters a character who clearly struggles with alcoholism, other characters struggle with grief, and some people are just not very good. The achievement of the show is to strive to embrace the beauty that coexists with these things.

“I don’t want to make something completely out of the real world, nor do I want to make some kind of fantasy show,” Perla said, “but just focus on better decent moments that happen and try to pay attention to them.”

Over time, this is the attraction Joe Pella talking to you: This is a show that loves people deeply, and I don’t want them to become more charming than they are now. This is why it is funny, because people are inherently funny, especially when they don’t want to be. In an episode of season 2, Pella attended a very embarrassing bachelor party, where he-thin and uncomfortable, completely out of touch with the Michigan brothers he accompanied-surprisingly found his neighbors opened up to him.

Joe Pera (Joe Pera) Season 3, Joe Pera (Joe Pera) standing in his old-fashioned living room, in front of the red easy chair

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“The bachelor party episode came from a bachelor party weekend I went to,” Pella said. “At my home in Buffalo, I found that someone at a bachelor party liked the UFO believer club in Old Country Buffet. It’s like, unless you talk to someone, you will never guess this!”

Joe Pella talking to you In short, it is full of things you will never guess.One minute ago, a completely normal, funny-looking choir teacher might be erratic in the rat battle in Alberta, Canada, and the next minute he might comment on Elizabeth Hurley’s Austin Powers. (Pella likes Austin Powers“Really sharp! Little by little, full of great characters and interesting moments and so much energy. Did you know [Mike Myers] Was he 33 years old when he did that? “)

If you stop and talk to someone like Joe Pella, all kinds of things will happen. You just need to spend time.

New episode Joe Pella talking to you It is broadcast every Sunday on the adult swimming channel and on the network’s website. HBO Max also offers seasons 1-2.