Johnny Sins’ name is censored in Apex Legends

This is a difficult day Apex Legend Community.Adult movie stars, plumbers, doctors, construction workers and many other industry masters Johnny Sins already His name was censored In “Apex Heroes”.The sad news was discovered Streamer Kap3 And posted on Reddit, it seems that entering the actor’s name with appropriate spacing and punctuation will cause both words to be blocked.

Now, for obvious reasons, chat moderators are important in popular multiplayer games. In games like Apex Legends, you can’t use very offensive words-such as slander-unless you want it to be a poisonous cesspool. However, this particular situation is a bit of a headache, because although Mr. Sins is a person who is shrouded in NSFW’s inherent themes, he is not a Voldemort character, nor a person whose name or work is particularly offensive. It seems that he has just been beaten.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Johnny Sins and Apex Legends have clashed.As early as the seventh season, players paid actors through Cameo, a service that allows people to pay for personalized video messages from many celebrities, to send a information Respawn Entertainment urged them to add and change certain aspects of the game.

It turns out that this news is very interesting from the community’s perspective, and they have seen many of the biggest criticisms published by adult movie stars. Cameo was eventually removed from the forum.

Going back to today, many of the requirements in Cameo, such as new content and Wattson fans, have now been added because Apex Legends looks like it is in its best season in a while. We may never know why Johnny Sins’s name was censored (to be honest, this is almost certainly because of his career), but we can only hope that he is not too personal.

The Apex Legends community has always been known for its sense of humor and more. It was only recently that they joined forces to name the Prowler on the lobby screen in Season 11. The most popular suggestion is Cooper, the name of the protagonist of Titanfall 2.