Joint Xbox-Bethesda E32021 Showcase Confirmed After Acquisition

E32021 is just around the corner. With so many leaks flying around Starfield, it’s no wonder that many gamers want to see more from the Xbox acquisition of ZeniMax and its comprehensive properties. Since Bethesda is part of it, the two companies have been confirmed to hold a joint showcase during E32021, as confirmed by Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Studios, in a recent interview with a French publication. I will.

Loot confirmed joint showcase in a recent interview Le Figaro. This was highly speculated, especially given that Bethesda’s Bethesda Land E3 show has always been a highlight of E3’s celebrations. Xbox executives have confirmed that both companies will be half priced this year, so it looks like it could change in the future, or just for this digital format.

He didn’t go into the details, especially in less than a month after E3, but reiterated that the two companies have been very persistent. The acquisition does not affect the creative freedom of these studios. He added that the goal of these acquisitions is not to consider building a wider gaming experience on Team Green, but to deliver content on the Xbox Game Pass. He also warns that the Xbox shouldn’t or isn’t considering adopting the Netflix path as a way for streaming services to analyze data.

The acquisition makes many Bethesda games available at no additional cost thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, which in turn excites fans. The Elder Scrolls 6 is still a long way off, but Todd Howard has confirmed that Starfield is playable. Can you finally get the actual trailer? That’s possible, but I don’t expect a 2021 release.

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[Source: Le Figaro via Reddit]