Judge dismissed antitrust lawsuit filed against Valve

In April of this year, Overgrowth developer Wolfire Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Valve, claiming that Steam’s dominance in the PC game market allows it to extract an “extraordinarily high share” from its store sales. Valve responded in July, claiming that Wolfire’s complaint failed to meet “the most basic requirements for antitrust cases,” and therefore requested the judge to dismiss it. In the ruling submitted today, the judge in the case agreed with Valve’s view.

The ruling may be in full Court listener, Said Wolfire’s lawsuit was insufficient on two different points. First, Valve’s claim that the Steam store was illegally tied to the platform—essentially using Steam’s near-monopoly library, launcher, and social media platform to force people to buy games through the Steam storefront—was dismissed because of the allegations in the lawsuit. It shows that the Steam platform and storefront are actually “a single product in the integrated game platform and trading market.”