Jurassic Park receives traditional board game treatment in 2022

Funko Games is known for its excellent licensed board games, and it is discounting the Jurassic Park franchise. It cooperates with Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment to create a traditional style board game based on the entire movie world. The currently unnamed game will be launched in 2022.

“This story happened before Jurassic Park and continues to this day and beyond,” said Adam Minton, the marketing manager from the Gen Con floor. “You are changing the game while you are playing. You are unlocking different things. […] This is a completely original game, specially designed for this. “

The traditional style game was invented by Rob Daviau, his Risk: Legacy The 2011 release season surprised the world of board games. Most people will be more familiar with the Pandemic Legacy series. These three different games together tell the story of the earth being ravaged by mysterious infectious diseases and multiple intersecting conspiracies.

Traditional games are campaign games that develop and change over time. New rules and details are revealed from the hidden compartments, and the game board itself is changed forever. Player characters may die, and components may be destroyed in a dozen or more games. To this end, Minton pointed out that the Tyrannosaurus rex shown in the trailer is a rendering of the actual miniature that comes with the game. He promised that there will be more similar miniatures, which will be revealed during the game over time.

“We worked with Universal and Amblin to design this,” Minton added. “This is completely true, but a complete original story.”

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Fast and Furious: Highway Robbery

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• 2-4 players, over 12 years old

• Playing time: 60 minutes

• Game type: action, racing

• Category: cooperative games, model games

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