Jurassic World Evolution 2 lets you try to fix many flaws in the movie

When I was young, I liked Jurassic Park. I am one of those kids who are really annoying. They will say “Oh, but this book is much better.” After I read so many pages, the pages are scattered and the cover is off.

I feel even more unbearable for the lost world. This time I read this book before watching the movie. When I saw the disappointing Spielberg movie, I had high expectations for the Triceratops. Then the less said about later movies, the better (although I found that Jurassic World is actually okay).

This sums up many behaviors in the movie: People do bad things or stupid things that don’t make sense at all. This is where the chaos theory mode of Jurassic World Evolution 2 comes in. Sadly, it’s not Sam Fisher, who is dividing the cell, sneaking out a bird of prey in the Dinosaur Park. However, it is a mode that allows you to try to correct some of the errors in the movie. It’s pretty cool.

You can basically build a park that fails in every movie. Obviously, I started building the park from the first move because it is by far the most iconic. You get some prefaces from Ian Malcolm of Jeff Goldblum, and then you build the park from scratch with the help of some familiar faces. This is not what I remember, but it is a park full of dinosaurs, and there are some familiar buildings in it.

If all goes well, your park will look great.

Can you build a running park with dinosaurs and then open it to the public without death? Well, I can’t because it happened. I opened the park out of good intentions, but a series of broken fences and lack of support staff meant that the dinosaurs were rampant. At first it was just a triceratops, but then the raptor loosened. That is the beginning of the end.

The Chaos Theory mode provides you with some interesting scenarios, each of which has more difficult goals to meet, and then the final task required to complete the challenge can be arranged for you. For example, at the end of the Jurassic Park scene, you need to have 10 types of dinosaurs, a large number of guests in the park, and so on.

Like all park builders, you need to manage your time and resources wisely. There is a lot of research to be completed, including fossil hunting, base management, infrastructure construction and dinosaur cultivation. Things are simple at first, but they will soon develop. There are problems everywhere and an endless to-do list.

A big boy.

From the games I’ve played, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is nothing groundbreaking (this is a park builder who tends to manage wildlife), but it’s well combined, and there is enough about it The movie feels real. I played for about four hours, and now I think I will hum the classic theme song for a few weeks.

In such a simulation game, it is almost impossible to feel involved in what is happening. For example, if you are Alan Gran’s shoes, you would do it, but it is absolutely obvious that the control room needs more people to handle it. Considering what you are trying to do in the beginning, it is appropriate to play God in the whole thing.

Disclaimer: Tested on Xbox Series X. A copy of the game is provided by the publisher. Also suitable for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PS4 and PS5.