Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Reign expansion adds an interesting path to new dinosaur thrills

in the movie Jurassic world domination, we see a company called Biosyn at full capacity, making dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures at breakneck speed. In Jurassic World Evolution 2’s new expansion, Dominion Biosyn, you’ll go through the company’s first few days and learn how its desire to bring back dinosaurs it’s never seen has gotten worse.

My time at Biosyn’s sprawling dinosaur sanctuary was short but rewarding. New activities flow harmlessly from one task to the next, with little resistance to success. Some dinosaurs are sick or misbehaving, but this is essentially a stress-free game that lets you interact with a handful of fantastic new dinosaurs for an hour or two.

All Biosyn dinosaurs are great additions, bringing the rage of Pyroraptor and the strange shuffled grace of Dimetrodon to your park. This Giganotosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus also bring some scale to the hunting trails and are vibrant in a terrifying way.

Campaign missions are less demanding of players and don’t rely too heavily on juggling scientist duties (though they are always required). You don’t have to worry about guest satisfaction, just focus on building habitats for your new dinosaurs. The new invisible fences are a great way to see them, especially when applied to other maps, but it can be a bit difficult to use when the map is wooded. Before applying the ranger outposts and feeding stations, you must check your overhead heatmap to see the perimeter. It’s also a bit of a pain to link the underground rail system together.

As Refuge develops in dangerous ways, the story gives you insight into Lewis Dodgson’s beleaguered ambitions, again voiced by Campbell Scott. This story is a prequel to the movie, but I recommend experiencing it after seeing the chaos in the movie. See how Scott got started in hindsight.

The Dominion Biosyn expansion pack expands the core game in small but meaningful ways, making the sandbox experience even better in the process. Those invisible fences look great in different habitats and it’s interesting to see how the new dinosaurs interact with the existing lots.

some big dinosaurs came from rule Missing (most notably Atrociraptor), I still want the Junior version so we can add Bumpy and Beta. All we can do now is enjoy this well-made new content and hope Frontier is working on another massive expansion, or better yet, Jurassic Evolution 3.