Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Teaser shows Magic’s first technologically advanced aircraft

This is no secret magic: the party is returning to one of Shangchuan’s most popular planes: the Neon Dynasty. Although a few years ago, Wizards of the Coast would say that it is extremely unlikely that we will see Japanese-style locations appear in our scenes again. Today, for the first time, we have a good look at what Kamikawa is like now, which is full of brighter lights and advanced technology than we have seen before in Magic.

Occurring 1,000 years after the first three expansions of the Kamigawa block in 2005, the Neon Dynasty adopted the Japanese flavor of those classic scenes and added a unique cyberpunk style. The short video attached to the tweet above shows various visual effects that are not normally seen in Magic. LED panda masks, neon-lit metropolises, and things that may or may not be holograms are all screaming. This is not just the leap of the airplane, but the game itself.

Before the Neon Dynasty, there were complicated machines and cultural relics, but compared with those used by the residents of Kamikawa today, most of them have magical properties and primitive appearance. Even guns are rarely printed on cardboard, which makes the possibility of a Wild West airplane as impossible as returning to Shangchuan. Hopefully, as Magic expands its technological horizons through ninjas and samurai, we will see the concepts available in the game continue to expand. Maybe the streets of New Capena, another upcoming series full of demonic thugs and black aesthetics will lean towards more authentic modern weapons.

Kamikawa: The Neon Dynasty will come to Magic: The Gathering Arena on February 10, and a complete physical suit will be released a week later. Tonight, we will see more expansions in Wizard’s weekly Magic Twitch live broadcast, which may show a lot of art, boxes and booster packaging, as well as some cards and mechanisms, which is the norm when pre-orders are launched.

What do you think of Kamigawa’s neo-futuristic style? What metaphors or mechanisms do you want to see in “The Neon Dynasty”? Let us know in the comments below!