Kamiya of Platinum talks about the responsibility of game console manufacturers and developers for game preservation

Platinum Games’ creative director Hideki Kamiya talked about the difficulties that gamers face when they want to play some of the company’s old games (and other developer’s games) and cannot access them because they are not available on the latest consoles from console manufacturers. Supported. He believes that console manufacturers and game developers should be responsible for protecting games so that customers can easily access their classic games on the current system. It is true that Microsoft’s Xbox series of game consoles do quite well in this regard, but Nintendo and Sony have not.

As a collector, what do you think of the recent explosive growth in the price of retro games? Allegedly, market manipulation may have been behind some recent multi-million dollar auctions.

Kamiya: As my own collector, I understand the temptation to have the game in a sealed package. People want the value of that package, not the value of the game itself. But as a fan, if someone wants to play the game but they can’t get it, this is a problem because it is traded in these ridiculous markets.

The responsibility for keeping these games available belongs to the company that owns the IP. If people want to play a classic game and they can’t, because it can’t be used on a new platform, and it can’t be found in its original form, it’s like a threat…it hinders the game culture. Those who own these game rights should actively take measures to protect the game culture, so that everyone who wants to play the game can use the game.