Katy Perry’s latest video electrical features Pikachu, Pichu

Katy Perry’s latest video has been dropped and includes some amazing faces along with pop stars. Two of the iconic electric Pokemon, Pikachu and Pichu, are prominently featured in truck electric videos. It makes sense because the name of the track is in sync with the type of Pokemon, and the two are pretty adorable in their behavior between songs as usual. And yes, Katy Perry pets Pikachu in the video. I was able to do it.

You can watch the video below:

The release of the video also shouted from the official Pokemon Twitter account. After all, people really like the cute little creatures that have been the face of the brand for years since the early days of the red and blue franchise.

This single will be included in the album “Pokemon 25: Album”, which will be released later this year. Numerous artists such as J Balvin and Post Malone will appear on this album. It makes a lot of sense to harness the power of the giant celebrity and the world of music in something like Pokemon. The brand has permeated almost every aspect of the modern world at this point. Major movies.

The Pokemon Franchise continues to leverage Nintendo’s incredibly strong brand awareness and power with the side offerings of Sword and Shield and the recent new Pokemon Snap. The new Pokemon Snap is a game that goes back to last year, including visiting multiple locations to take all your favorite pictures of the series. So who doesn’t want to catch the coolest Pokemon like Machamp on the beach?

“The new Pokemon Snap offers a similar experience to the original, while extending the formula in a way that prolongs the appeal of the expedition,” said Brian Shay. In his Game Informer review. “In the 20 years since the first game was released, the world of Pokemon has changed in myriad ways, but the simple appeal of immersing yourself in this universe and taking pictures hasn’t changed.”

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