Keanu Reeves has not played Cyberpunk 2077

Ah Keanu Reeves. International movie star, cute fool and game hero who stole E3. Well, it turns out that after admitting in a recent interview with The Verge, the last part may no longer apply.In operation Cyberpunk 2077After its release, the developer CD Projekt Red was keen to show off its Hollywood talent in the front line and center, which is understandable, saying that Reeves “likes” playing Cyberpunk 2077.

However, it turns out that Reeves categorically does not play video games and stated that he has only “watched” the appearance of his most famous video game. It’s a bit embarrassing, it’s not Keanu’s fault. Last December, Adam Kickinski, CEO of CD Projekt Red, stated that although Reeves has not completed Cyberpunk yet, he “likes” playing it. This is another damn prosecution for a game that seems to be unable to rest.

In the same interview, Reeves was happy to learn that players have been modifying the game in order to have sex with Reeves’s character Johnny Silverhand. After hearing the news, grinning and punching, he said, “Wow, that’s always good.” Here we go, fans, Reeves seems to agree with your weird thirst mod, go away.

If this is not enough virtual Keanu for you, Mr. Reeves will also star in the new Matrix Unreal Engine 5 experience “The Matrix Awakens.” We are very impressed with the current gen technology display—especially its traffic jams comparable to burnout.