Keeping the frogs happy is a full-time job during an enjoyable time on Frog Island

Indie Sandbox Adventure Original Name frog island time is the transaction time. After playing it, I understand why. As a diminutive, rude captain, I was shipwrecked on a colorful island after a storm, and the only way to fix my broken boat was to help a bunch of giant frogs. If I give the frog what it wants, it will give me something in return. It’s all about transactions.

What those frogs want and what they will give me is often a mystery. No one on Frog Island speaks in words, only pictures. A picture can be as simple as a recognizable object displayed in a word bubble. Or it might be a little tricky. One frog asking for a sunflower is easy to understand (though where to find the sunflower itself is another matter), but the other shows me a photo of a mug, then a snowflake, and points to the local bar. Obviously he wants a cold drink, but I’m just a little captain – how do I make him a cold drink, and what does he even give me?