Ken Levine’s team is in development hell-report

A new report from Bloomberg (pass through Kotaku) Detailed description status Ken Levine The small studio Ghost Story Games has been in a state of development hell, and it is far from releasing the game. The studio was established in 2014 when Irrational Games, the developer of BioShock, closed, aiming to become a small studio capable of realizing big ideas with the financial support of the publisher 2K. But this hasn’t happened yet. A report from a former studio developer accused Levine of causing burnout and sadness for everyone working there.

Because of Levin’s “creative process,” one of the developers, co-founder Mike Snight (Mike Snight), left the company with half of the company’s founders. Part of the problem is that Levine wants to develop AAA games with an independent team. Complicating this is Levin’s perfectionism and temperament. He often sees that things that have been worked for several months may be thrown away on a whim.

Even if the team is not small, Ken Levine’s vision of the game may be unrealistic. His idea of ​​”narrative Lego blocks” will provide each player with a completely different experience, which is not in line with his preference for movie games, in which you can see everything happening at the same time.

We have heard hints about what Levine’s team came up with, but they never materialized into anything concrete. Once, he said that the inspiration for this game came from the Shadow of Mordor. Another interview pointed out that the game is an immersive simulation game. Regardless of the situation, the Ghost Story game that is currently being produced does not seem to be released anytime soon.