Kena: Bridge of Spirits Preview: Fascinating God of War / Pikmin Mashup

Kena: Spirits Bridge The first game from the new studio Ember Lab.Its first trailer made it look like a cute walk through the dark forest, but after spending more than an hour in a hands-on demo. Kena: Spirits BridgeI learned something surprisingly difficult. Qena It may seem like Pixar’s latest, but the last mini boss I encountered kicked my ass up, down, left and right.

Kena: Spirit Bridge It has layers — some cute and some tough — and it’s a fun and surprising preview.

What is Kena: Spirits Bridge??

A monkey-like enemy teleporting tested me after I picked up the bow
Image: Ember Lab

Kena: Spirits Bridge Is a character action game with a third-person perspective close to your back. I play as Kena, a girl with a unique fighting style, groovy sticks, and the ability to interact with the nature around her.

At the beginning of the demo, I worked to guide Kena through the woods and find one of the three artifacts needed to cleanse one of the three areas of the game world. After I ran around with a stick, a hilarious band of corruption followed. Their names may sound exaggerated, but these amazingly cute creatures not only help me in puzzles, but also in combat.

I run through the woods and come across a small group of tree enemies. Kena’s posture changes accordingly. It’s time to fight. My attack controls are comfortably placed on the right trigger and bumper. God of War.. I can hit these enemies with light or heavy attacks. The better I do it, the more my corruption will help me in combat. Eventually, I charge enough gauge to send rot in the attack, freeze the enemy and hit it several times.

When the encounter is over, I will explore the area and find another member to join the corrupt party. Now I have nine. Another is to reach a new threshold and unlock another gauge used in combat.

I keep moving forward deep into the forest. I come across several platform sections, areas for collecting currencies, and more combat arenas. The founders of Ember Lab show you how to use the Rot gauge to heal and attack yourself with a Zoom call, and use Rot to unlock a powerful hammer blast that does a lot of damage. Prompted to.

In the end, I got the bow, which is Kena’s main augmentation.

Familiar, in a good way

Kena is aiming for a fighting flower

These flowers act like grappling hooks when you shoot them
Image: Ember Lab

Kena changes play styles quickly, making you feel like you’re playing multiple games at once.

In combat, I feel like Kratos, defeating enemies and calling on Atreus (my corruption in this game) to help in combat.I feel like an alloy when using a bow Horizon Zero Dawn, Dive into the air and take slow motion shots to nail your weaknesses. And when I use my corruption to solve puzzles and move things, I’m Captain Olimar, who controls Pikmin’s army. For some reason, this all feels right in Kena’s hands.

In the mini-boss battle, you could use a new bow to break through weaknesses, get out of the way, and use both rotting attacks to freeze the boss and then hit it with a hammer. I was able to resolve the battle in multiple ways, but controlling Kena felt fluid no matter what I was doing.

From what I’ve played, Ember Lab has successfully blended these playstyles into a cohesive game, and I’ve always felt that there are plenty of options. As the army grew, unleashed more abilities and gathered new equipment, I felt my potential increased.

Seemingly cute

Kena fights Wood Knight's mini boss

This dislike gave me a run for my money
Image: Ember Lab

The rotten combo of the last mini boss was nice to get through, but I was handed my ass when I fought the first two times. Kena’s battle requires a lot of sophistication. Once you start the animation, you need to follow through and both Kena and her enemies will attack hard. For this cute game, and corruption feels like it’s designed to sell stuffed animals, but I didn’t expect to be beaten like myself.

That said, I didn’t feel the fight was unfair or even insurmountable. Immediately after concentrating, I started trying out what I could do. I learned in real time and was able to beat my boss on my third attempt without being hit.

Qena Under the almost deceptive layer of cuteness, we promise depth to players of all kinds, young and old. For young players, adorable corrupt characters can live in areas around the world while exploring. Your little buddies just pop up on the table you’re looking at and bring the world around you to life with an explosion of cuteness. The game is also easy, so players who just want to play the game for a story (or corruption) can see it to the end. More advanced players, on the other hand, have access to different difficulty settings, from “need to focus” to “need to perfect” the boss.

Qena According to the developers, a normal playthrough lasts about 10-12 hours, but much is done internally. Qena And Ember Lab pay tribute to the action games that have appeared so far, but with a cute twist. Even more impressive, the studio blends the two, so style and combat are in perfect harmony and work in a unique way. Qena..

Kena: Spirits Bridge Released on August 24th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.