Kena Lingqiao Fishing Shrine Puzzles and Solutions

The Kina Spirit Bridge Fishing Temple Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the tricky puzzles you will encounter in the early stages of the spiritual guide adventure.

At the beginning of the game, try to teach you to pay attention to the (beautiful) world around you at every step, and then test your listening situation through the fishing shrine puzzle. The solution is actually formulated in the world around you, but in a subtle and natural way.

Kina Spirit Bridge Fishing Shrine Jigsaw

Unlocking the temple is a necessary part to advance Taru’s spirit. Unlike the three three temples involved in this mission, the puzzle of the fishing temple requires you to put in some effort before Deadzone Heart appears.

You need to use the bow and arrow to activate the four crystals on the island in the correct order to clear the temple. The candle in front of the temple will tell you the order. Shooting them in the wrong order will only cause enemies to spawn around you, so you know, don’t do that.

Knaring Bridge Fishing Shrine Jigsaw Puzzle Solution

First face the shrine and note the position of each candle.

  • 1: Shoot the crystal to the right in front of you
  • 2: Shoot the crystal to the left behind you
  • 3: Shoot the crystal behind you and to the right
  • 4: Shoot the crystal to the left in front of you

Deadzone Heart will appear immediately after you shoot the last crystal. Unlike some other places, there is no enemy to deal with first. Just purify it with your pulse and you can move on.

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