Key role battle 3: Know the role

After their brief interruption Exandria unlimited In an eight-part series, Key Role Activity Three marks the return of the larger and larger event that the channel is well-known for. Matt Mercer (Overwatch, American dad!) Replayed the role of Dungeon Lord after his short tenure Darius Zavien He brought his elegant world construction and intricate storytelling back to the table. There is only one episode in the book, and things are still starting. So, although we may not know what the main point of the story is, we do have a bunch of interesting characters.

Battle 3 takes place in an area called Marquet, a beautiful and varied continent consisting of hot deserts, tropical jungles and winding mountains. Marquet brings us one of the most interesting locations in the history of key characters: the bustling city of Jrusar, where our story begins. A strange city connected by cables. “This is a truly unique metropolis that provides a vibrant backdrop for this event.

As for the parties, well, they are made up of old and new faces.Some Exandria Unlimited (ExU) The actors returned to look for Keyleth, the leader of Air Ashari who played an important role in the battle, and our new actors put their own problems on the table. This is a complete classification of parties.

The cast of key role campaign 3, from left to right, includes Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien, Travis Willingham, Matt Mercer, Sam Riegel, Ashley Johnson, Robbie Daymond and Marisha Ray.
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Fein Calloway

Ashley Johnson (The last of us) Replayed the role of Fearne Calloway, a satyr druid who was very happy in her time ExU. Fearne looks quite timid and shy. Under her calm appearance, she thrives in times of chaos and is very protective of her allies.She took a trip with the little elf, who looked like a little monkey and spent a lot of time ExU Torture Dariax.


Another key character often encounters ExU It’s Liam O’Brien (Star Wars Rebels, League of Legends). He plays Orim, a halfling warrior who brings balance to the team. When the team heads into chaos unscrupulously, he often positions himself as a rational spokesperson. Orym may not be the life and soul of the party, but he is definitely the one who ensures that it still has life and soul to cling to.

Dorian Storm

The mysterious bard Dorian Storm joined the key role in the third campaign as a cameo, played by Robbie Diamond (Final Fantasy 15). Given how early he was introduced, people are speculating whether he will be part of a full-time team. As one of the most likable members of the party, as players explore the mysteries of Marquet more and more deeply, you will find that you will support him.

Sir Bertrand Bell

Our last character to return is Sir Bertrand Bell played by Travis Willingham (Batman: Bad Blood, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood). This actor is known for creating otherworldly works, and Bell is no exception. First introduced in Vox Machina one-shot, Looking for cooked food, Bell is now 30 years old, but still as conceited as before.

Although the other players are level three, Bell was a level 18 fighter in the previous mission. It is agreed that 30 years has made him a little backward, and he is now a level 5 fighter, although he will gain an advantage when fighting for the initiative.

Imogen Temte

The first character we saw in the new campaign and our first new character, Imogen Temult played by Laura Bailey (Gears 5, The Last of Us: Part 2), is a human wizard. Unsure of the nature of her magic, she is seeking to find out its true source and what she can do. As we discover more about her in the next few weeks, expect her to have a lot of unique abilities and uncovered background stories.


Multi-Professional Warlock/Warlock played by Marissa Ray (Far Cry 5), we are not sure what Laudna’s ethnic background is. Although she may look like a character from a horror movie, with pale skin and jet black hair, Laudna is actually quite relaxed and friendly. It can be said with certainty that Laudna is not just a bright spot, we are very happy to see the reaction of the world to her. Will they be afraid or see that they cannot judge a book by its cover?

Aston Greymore

Ashton Greymore is a barbarian with a hole in his head, played by Taliesin Jaffe (Rise of the story, Street Fighter 4). He left the spring of life far behind him. We saw him rolling out of bed looking for beer. This tells you everything you need to know about his past. Ashton is a friend of a small automata called Fresh Cut Grass. It is a self-made version of the iconic barbarian character class, so as more episodes unfold, we will gain a lot of abilities that are not in the rulebook.

Fresh mowing

A robot that thinks it has no soul, Fresh Cut Grass, or FCG, is undoubtedly the most unique in the party. He is played by Sam Riegel (Star Wars: Bad Batch). Similar to WALL-E, which feeds on metal fragments, FCG brings a pleasant and helpful attitude to any situation. He and Ashton are looking for clues to the FCG former party that disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

When to watch

You can watch Key Role Sports 3 every Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time twitch, The episode is posted to YouTube On monday and as podcast On the following Thursday. There will be three main episodes every month, plus a bonus single meeting featuring something completely different.

Key role: Call of the Nether

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The first full battle in the world of key characters produced in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast.