Kill strange demons and use their blood as paint in the crazy Roguelike Brutal Orchestra

Okay, this is the setting of Brutal Orchestra: you are dead, someone killed you, you can’t escape purgatory, but when they arrive here, you can definitely avenge yourself.

Set up a party with 20 other weird underworld rejections, and you are guided through a purgatory landscape inspired by bizarre paintings by Hieronymous Bosch and Pieter Bruegel, where demons are fish in human body suits or trumpets in their butts, Honestly, these are the most important tame ideas here.

(Image source: Hellbent Games)

This is a tactical and strategic combat system where you can move your character between five positions to attack or avoid an attack, trying to make the best confrontation with the enemy’s own five units. The entire system is driven by pigments, viscous blood, and/or internal organs in the enemy’s body. Each character skill consumes a certain color combination of paint, and you can get more paint by hitting the enemy whose health bar is that color.