Killer 3: The content of the second year includes new maps, storylines, modes, etc.

Hitman 3 has been launched for nearly a year, although its first year is very rich in content, but the second year is forming the same size, if not bigger.

Hitman 3 and IO Interactive, the developer of the two previous Hitman games, released a new Blog post Today we will introduce the first year of the game in detail. IO revealed that Killer 3 is the most successful killer game ever, and its assassination world trilogy has reached the milestone of 50 million players. It also revealed that the second year will begin in less than two months.

“Hitman 3 – Year 2 will begin [January 20, 2022] Support is confirmed for another 12 months after release,” IO wrote in its blog. “New maps, storylines, modes, and gameplay are all lined up in 2022. This will be another exciting year. ”

In addition, next year “Hitman 3” will be ray tracing on PC. In addition, PC VR support will be launched in January, as well as the new Elusive Target Arcade mode.

“The new way to play Elusive Targets appears in Hitman 3 in a brand new game mode, which we call Elusive Target Arcade,” the blog post reads. “Ready to accept the ultimate Elusive Target challenge and change the established formula in this fan favorite game mode. All Elusive Target Arcade content will be permanently added to the game. Full details on how this game mode works will be in 2022 Announced in early January.”

The blog post starts with “[REDACTED] The update pointed out that IO will carry out a “major update plan” for the game in the spring of 2022. No other details are provided, but the image below is included.

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