Kina: Review of the Bridge of Souls

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What is it? A game about saving souls by defeating them and yielding.
Expected payment: 40 USD/32 GBP
Developer: Embers Lab
Publisher: Embers Lab
Comment time: GeForce GTX 1650, AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 8 GB RAM
multiplayer game: not any
release date: September 21, 2021
Association: Epic Games Store

Keener: “Bridge of Souls” is a bystander, and Pixar, which has been flying around, makes sense to some extent. The lush world and its big-eyed residents exude individuality. Even the corrupt bulbs that plague this land are strangely attractive. Keener made Hollywood look down on, but it also made Hollywood determined to stay safe.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits may look like a Zelda game at first glance, but it is a major linear action-adventure game that takes place on a large map, and you rarely need to trace your steps. In any case, the map is dotted with warp points, and the game is automatically saved periodically, so you will never be in danger of losing too much progress or repeatedly crossing the same blank area. It allows the story to evolve in 8 to 10 hours of running time, and apart from some potentially tricky battles, there will not be much friction, depending on the difficulty you choose. Overall, “Bridge of Souls” is a pleasant voyage through the waters of the familiar action platform.

Kaina herself is a spiritual mentor. Her job is to help the soul leave the mortal world. This means looking for relics in harmony with the souls in the three areas, cleansing out corruption and defeating the less friendly souls on the way. Looking for personal items to gently move the soul, I can understand, but repeatedly tapping them on the face with a stick? It looks very unorthodox, but I think it shows my understanding of the spirit.

(Image source: Ember Lab)

The battle, there are many of them, works well, but I can’t be more enthusiastic about it. There are light attack, heavy attack, blocking and parry, and other unlocking abilities (including the bow, which becomes essential in combat, and the switch for light traversal puzzles).Although some enemies require specific tactics to defeat, or defeat Effectively, Generally speaking, this is a bit button-like. Arenas are often quite small, and enemies often approach from outside the camera, which is of no avail. I ended up avoiding a lot.

The little animals that accompany you on your journey are called rotting, they are good gods LovelyYou can sit down and enjoy or play with them at any time, but they also have practical uses. In battle, you can recharge “courage”, allowing you to distract the enemy, help destroy the enemy’s spawn point, or activate an unlocked ability (such as the Hammer of Corruption, which can be removed from the enemy’s health bar). Take out a large piece). Wandering on the main road sometimes generates new small followers, which is very suitable for my game style. I must admit that Rot is really useful sometimes; a boss made me very frustrated, I went underground as soon as I got closer, until I realized that I could order my lovely army to fix it for a few seconds, and I was hit a bit. .

(Image source: Ember Lab)

The next one is rot?