Kingdom Hearts 4: The full game will be made with Unreal Engine 5

Kingdom Hearts 4 was unexpectedly revealed yesterday in the series’ 20th anniversary announcement trailer, and Square Enix also revealed that it’s working on a new mobile game for the series, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

The Kingdom Hearts reveal is pretty extensive, and you can read Game Informer’s full breakdown here, but one thing that can’t be overlooked is the new visual style. With a more realistic look, especially compared to the cartoonish nature of previous Kingdom Hearts games, this new sequel looks beautiful.

Set in a Tokyo-esque Quadratum, the trailer shows Sora waking up in her apartment and then charging after a massive, relentless chaos in the city center.We’ve seen some footage of what looks like actual gameplay, and now, we know the demo is running in real-time in Unreal Engine 4, thanks to the Famantongas translation Video Game Chronicles. Unreal Engine 4 looks great, but after last week’s announcement that Unreal Engine 5 is now available to everyone, fans are wondering if Kingdom Hearts 4 will be developed in this new engine.

Facts have proved that according to Farmington’s Report.

“The full game will be made using Unreal Engine 5, and the quality of lighting and detail will be improved by several levels,” according to Famantong.

The publication also claims that Kingdom Hearts 4 is being developed by Square Enix’s Osaka studio, the same team behind Kingdom Hearts 3, led by co-director Yasushi Yasue, and led by VGC.

During a live 20th anniversary event in Japan, Kingdom Hearts franchise director Tetsuya Nomura reportedly revealed that he was considering making an actual Verum Rex video game, itself a video game in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Story universe , and then he decided to make Kingdom Hearts 4. Tossed between the Verum Rex game and the new Kingdom Hearts, Nomura chose the latter because otherwise he’d be too worried about Sora. He also reportedly chose Kingdom Hearts 4 because developing both would be too difficult.

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[Source: Famitsu via Video Games Chronicle]

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