Kirby and Forgotten Places are now rated by ESRB

The Entertainment Software Rating Committee recently rated the upcoming 3D Kabi adventure game “Kabi and the Forgotten Lands”. For a long time, Nintendo has not announced the release date of the first 3D Kirby game, although it is scheduled to be released next spring. ESRB provides players over the age of 10 with an E rating suitable for everyone, so you can rest assured that there will be no unwarranted violence in this particular Kirby game.Continue reading ESRB’s full rating summary

Rating summary:

This is an action-adventure game in which players help Kabi rescue kidnapped creatures from evil forces. Players travel across the 3D platform while collecting coins, solving puzzles, and using Kirby’s abilities to fight against cartoon enemies (such as mushrooms, foxes, giant tortoises). Players use swords, bombs, and explosive pistols to defeat enemies; some weapons allow players to use aiming/crosshairs for long-range shooting. Boss battles can be fierce, with laser fires, explosions and projectiles flying towards Kirby, usually from a close-up perspective.