Kirby and the Forgotten Lands 2018 Release Date and Game Draft | GI Exhibition

In light of recent Dying Light 2 news, this week’s audience question begs the question: What is the ideal video game length? Additionally, the crew discusses the first game they remember playing, and underrated aspects of the game, such as the sound design, user interface, and the little details that make the game feel great to play.

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Hey GI staff, Dying Light 2 is taking a long time to fully complete, what is the ideal length of the game in your opinion. – Danny Phantom 77

Hello GI crew! Today is my birthday and I am 26 years old! This means that I’m officially closer to 30 than 20, which has sparked some reflections on my childhood. So, what was the first game you remember playing? Mine might be Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on the Gameboy Advance! Not a particularly good game, but I remember it fondly. – Jonah Abraham

What aspects of the game are underrated or more subtle but still require awareness and effort to create or curate? Things like gameplay, art direction or voice acting get talked about and get awards – but what are the less visible things that can make a real difference in a game? – camus_cthulu