‘Kirby and the Forgotten Lands’ Trailer Details Copy Ability, Collaboration, March Release Date Revealed

Kirby and the Forgotten Land was only announced last September, but thanks to a new trailer For the upcoming game launching today, we know it’s coming soon.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land was revealed as a Spring 2022 game, and it could have been released any month earlier this year, but today’s trailer suggests it will be released on March 25. That’s right around the corner, and it seems Nintendo is ready to reveal more details about the game, with a gameplay trailer showing off Kirby’s ability to replicate and the news that co-op will be a feature in the colorful (seemingly) post-apocalyptic title.

“Join Kirby on an unforgettable 3D platforming adventure,” reads the trailer’s description. “Explore mysterious worlds in 3D levels. Inhale enemies to gain copy abilities, such as new drills and rangers. Use these skills to rescue kidnapped Waddle Dees from the pack of beasts. You can also bring a second player on board to control Bandana Waddle Dee and challenge the forgotten world.”

Breaking down some of the copy abilities we spotted in the trailer, it looks like Kirby can be a mage of sorts, a tornado, a hammer-wielding fighter (which Kirby can use to open up new frontiers), and of course a sword-kill fighter.

As for what else is shown in the trailer, we also get a better look at the open-world-style Forgotten Lands. While it doesn’t appear to be fully open, we do see Kirby fly to different parts of the map, whether it’s a city or a beach, land, and then immediately jump into action. The stage also looks huge – somewhere between Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey. We also got to see the upcoming confrontation between Kirby and Meta Knight.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land looks great, and this trailer has us playing it on Switch on March 25.For more, check out the original Kirby and the Forgotten Land reveal, then see why game informer I think this game and many others make 2022 an exciting year for Nintendo fans.

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