Kirby and the Forgotten Place is Kirby’s first 3D game

One of the more surprising announcements in Nintendo’s large-scale live broadcast overnight was the launch of a new Kabi game. Kirby and the Forgotten Place It is the first 3D entry in the series and will be released on Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land was announced with the help of colorful game trailers, showing some of the game’s environment. There are some weird post-apocalyptic themes, and many areas look abandoned, shabby and overgrown.

However, this is not a grim post-apocalyptic, but a lovely, relaxed view of popular genres. Kirby’s classic floating ability returns, he can gain power from defeated enemies, which looks very interesting in 3D.

This is the first mainline new card game since the release of “Kabi All-Star” in 2018. At least, this big change of perspective will definitely make things interesting.