Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang on Nintendo Minutes and Working at Nintendo | Everything Nintendo

Nintendo Minute is never a minute, and neither is this week’s All Things Nintendo! This week, Brian was joined by two former hosts of Nintendo’s in-house YouTube show, Nintendo Minute, Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang. However, their time at Nintendo goes far beyond simply hosting the show. In fact, if you combine Kit and Krysta’s time at Nintendo, that’s nearly three years of experience. In this Nintendo special, Brian chats with two former Nintendo employees about their long-running show, what it’s like to work at the company, and hints about what might come next for them.

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:07 – First Nintendo game/favorite Nintendo game
00:11:32 – Pokémon Saga: Thoughts of Arceus
00:16:53 – Switch is Nintendo’s best-selling console ever
00:23:29 – Nintendo is not interested in acquiring studios
00:29:03 – New project from Yacht Club Games: Mina the Hollower
00:32:37 – Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary
00:34:02 – What is your favorite Nintendo mobile game?
00:37:19 – What is it like to work at Nintendo
00:49:45 – Early days of the Nintendo Direct​​​
00:55:44 – A minute back on Nintendo
01:17:53 – Next steps for Kit and Krysta
01:24:18 – Final standings: Games Kit and Krysta work at Nintendo
01:31:50 – eShop Feature of the Week: The Art of Balance
01:33:23 – eShop Feature of the Week: Wytchwood

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