Klonoa remake may bring more Klonoa games in the future

upcoming video game magazine, lock uppublished new interview Join Klonoa Producer Ryo Ishida and Marketing Manager Moa Ikeuchi to talk about the upcoming compilation of the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series and the future of the series. They said the compilation was made to allow veteran Klonoa fans and newcomers to experience classic platform adventures and to “spread awareness and rekindle Klonoa IP. The pair also said the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series compilation will test the waters, and the team will wait and see, See how it fared in terms of sales as the team looks to create more Klonoa games and classic remakes. The Klonoa series is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series is coming Friday, July 8th on Nintendo Switch and beyond launched on the platform.

“For Klonoa, due to the large gap between game releases, on the 25th anniversary, we decided to release the game so people could play the original [games] first. If this remake is liked by the community, there may be an opportunity to further expand the Klonoa IP and make other remakes of other games.The first goal and philosophy behind [Phantasy Reverie Series] It’s all about spreading awareness and rekindling Klonoa IP. “

Klonoa Producer, Ryo Ishida

“The main target is veteran gamers who still love Klonoa. As you know, Klonoa is a title and character that is still loved and supported by many. This is because of these veteran gamers and our existing fans […] We were able to successfully reinvent and present the remastered version on our 25th anniversary.In addition to the memories of our existing fans, we also made the game more engaging and [suitable for younger gamers] Is there anyone else [discovered Klonoa] However. That’s why, while our main target is experienced gamers, we want fans of the game at large to enjoy and experience the charm and appeal of the original Klonoa games. “

Klonia Marketing Manager, Moa Ikeuchi