Knockout City has attracted more than 5 million players since its launch.

By Dom Pepiat
June 6, 2021 11:38 GMT

EA Announced that more than 5 million people have signed up for a new multiplayer dodgeball game. Knockout city, to date.

Velan Studios just launched a hybrid take of dodgeball and action in May, but it’s already attracting a lot of players.

“Since its launch, 5 million new browlers have joined the game, amazing (and unexpected) gameplay has been played, hundreds of thousands of crews have been formed, more than 500 million KOs have landed, and hundreds. We saw millions of hours of gameplay – do you dare to say? – Thousands of friendships were born along the way. ” EA official website..

“Who knew that you could hit each other’s faces with dodgeball and deepen your bond?”

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Of course, Velan Studios and EA are well prepared for themselves. This game can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. This is a lot of platforms that attract players.

In addition, Knockout City is free to play up to level 25, and the full version is part of EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on all platforms where the service is available.

“One of my favorite emotions is to be amazed at the game. I joined without expectation, but I was immediately hooked on exactly what happened to me in Knockout City.” , Our Drani states in the Knockout City Impressions article.

“The fast and responsive gameplay, the visuals that pop out of the screen, and the sound of the ball hitting the enemy are * Chef’s Kiss *.”

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