Kojima Productions established a new media department, focusing on film, TV and music

Death stranded Developer and Game console Collaborator, Kojima Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Has established a new department in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to the production of music, television, and movies.

The studio was originally established by Kojima after being inspired by Media Molecule. It is “a small, private studio” that will expand to the United States through a new department led by Riley Russell. It’s worth noting that they were hired as Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of Business (Thank you, GamesIndustry.biz).

“The task of the new department is to work with creative and talented professionals in television, music and film, and the more familiar gaming industry,” Russell told the site.

“The team’s charter aims to expand the influence and visibility of the assets currently being developed by Kojima Productions and make them more part of our popular culture. Although we are a global organization, the new business development team will Centered in Los Angeles, California. We are really excited and look forward to working with the best entertainment talents in all the entertainment industries.”

Yoshiko Fukuda, business development manager of Kojima Productions, added that the new department will “bring the studio into more areas and showcase our creative narrative beyond video games” and “open up a way for our fans to communicate and immerse them in In these spaces.”

If you like “Metal Gear Solid”, “Ender Land” and “Death Stranding” the small island-style video games crazy, then when this new studio is running normally, you will like his studio to start betting on the ether Crazy feet into any movie.

As far as the next step for the entire company is concerned, legendary art director Yoji Shinkawa revealed (as early as March) that we may not have to wait too long to see what Kojima Productions is doing. We know that Kojima wants to make the scariest horror game and at least Since 2020, Kojima has been working on a new project, but other details are still blurred.