Kojima Productions is opening a new business unit focused on film and television

Kojima Productions will open a new business unit in California to focus on the film and television business.

As we all know, the famous game director behind the “Metal Gear” series, Kojima and Death stranded, Is a fan of movies and TV.Just take a look at his Instagram feed Realize this. His main focus has always been games, but his studio Kojima Productions seems to be preparing to switch to other entertainment media.

“Today, I can finally confirm that Kojima Productions will open a new business unit in California,” the head of the department, Riley Russell, wrote in a press release. “The mission of the new department is to collaborate with creative and talented professionals in TV, music and film, and more familiar with the gaming industry. The team’s charter goal is to expand the influence and visibility of the assets being developed by Kojima Productions and make them better. Many places become part of our popular culture.”

Yoshiko Fukuda, business development manager of Kojima Productions, said that this new department will bring the studio into new areas to develop narratives beyond video games.

As for what the business unit should expect in the first place, it’s not clear, although Russell did mention that it will focus on expanding the narrative beyond games based on games the studio is currently developing. Maybe it’s making a death stranding TV series, or maybe it’s a movie based on an unannounced game being developed by the studio. Only time will give the answer.

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