Konami collaborates with a group of horrifying developers on suspicion of “Silent Hill related” projects

“Will they do?” About the future of Konami and Silent Hill is almost boring at this point, as they aren’t even approaching new conversations. Still, with rumors that abandoned games instigating Hideo Kojima’s conspiracy theories and new Silent Hill games have been rampant for years, the latest report seems to actually have some substance. The studio behind Layers of Fear and The Medium, the Konami and Bloober Team, has issued a new press release to the media about the new partnership between the two companies.

Bluebar knows one or two things about horror, and Polish studios haven’t been shy about their love for everything in Silent Hill in the past. The press release mentions a “strategic partnership,” a partnership that many insiders categorically call “Silent Hill-related.” Before jumping into it, Bloomer’s brief review course and a unique break-in with rumors of Silent Hill from past games. Earlier this year, Bloomer CEO Piotr Babieno talked about how he works with “famous publishers” to tackle horror games. He was careful not to say it was a new IP, which made many believe it was already established. Konami is quite famous, and one might say that the house, which is rumored to be Silent Hill, has sturdy pillars.

by Video game chronicle, It’s no stranger to throw Silent Hill’s report into Ether, but “people who know Bluebar’s plans” say that the “strategic partnership” between the Polish studio and Konami is certainly related to Silent Hill. It is reported that it is. The site added that Konami outsourced “at least one other” Silent Hill project to an external studio in Japan, but that doesn’t mean that only one project was outsourced.

About what we know, Bloomer’s Babieno said, “It’s a historic day for me and the culmination of years of work. It’s not that a well-known company like Konami will work strategically with the Bloomer team. , Joining the world leader in games and becoming an equal partner for the major players in this market. “

Hideki Hayakawa, CEO of Konami, said, “We have provided unique entertainment content that utilizes information technology and how to enjoy it. In the digital entertainment industry, the business environment is expected to change significantly in the future. We are looking forward to it. Combining the characteristics and strengths of the Bloober Team with each other to create high-quality content. “

Is this Silent Hill report beneficial? It’s very possible. We know that Konami has shared an interest in revisiting Silent Hill in the past. We also know that reviving such a classic is a kind of promotion that the studio needs following the continuous backlash surrounding its nature with the latest Metal Gear entry with Survival. .. We also know that the studio keeps Silent Hill IP alive in other less effective ways, such as casino slot machines. Is it time to make that Silent Hill connection a little more meaningful? Can the company regain the magic this franchise has provided through a new team, or is it time to rest the iconic series and give way to a new adventure on the horizon? It will be decided by the following comments.