Konami expired silenthill.com domain and some clowns bought it

The fact that publisher Konami doesn’t really care about Silent Hill or its legacy is basically a meme at this point, and the series seems to be relegated to the perpetual fringes of unrelated multiplayer in the form of DLC.The publisher has now given its ownership Silent Hill.com A domain name expires long enough for someone else to buy it, an example of how Konami doesn’t care so much to point out that if a satirist came up with it, you’d think it’s a bit out of place.

This isn’t even the first time Konami has forgotten to renew the registration. In December 2019, silenthill.com was discovered Priced at $9,835, but no one caught it fast enough before Konami. This time, some rich trolls got in there, and now if you type silent hill dot com into your web browser of choice, you’ll end up with a page from Masahiro Ito’s tweet that reads: “I Wish I didn’t design the fxxkin pyramid head. “