Konami is holding a competition that requires independent developers to make games based on some classic Konami IP

If you are an independent developer, there is an interesting opportunity available for you recently. A few days ago, Konami cooperated with Shueisha Game Creator Camp, and the two parties announced that they would hold a competition, independent developers can make games based on some classic IP of Konami. These are mainly Konami’s favorite and little-known IPs, such as Ganbare Goemon, Gradius, Star Soldier, Twinbee, Knightmare, etc.

The game can be an action game or a shooting game, or it can be a remake or a sequel. Developers can also focus on individual characters or mechanisms in the previous game, and they can even change or combine types that were not available in the original game. According to Konami, they and independent developers will collaborate to produce these commercial products.

The competition will last until January 6, 2022. The grand prize is $18,000 and Konami’s proposal to release commercial works. The company will even provide $270,000 in development funding for these projects. Moreover, according to IGN, Konami will even provide “supervision, production advice and support for localization, promotion and development of equipment.”