Konami issues DMCA to remove images claimed to be Silent Hill reboot

claim to belong to silent Hill reboot recently surfaced online, and Konami, the owner of the IP, immediately issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) strike.

Known leaker Dusk Golem posted four images with little information, as Dusk Golem wanted to avoid any spoilers (thanks, computer gamer). They did, however, make fun of the “Anita and Maya” name, and something to do with text messaging — a feature previously rumored to be included in the Silent Hill game Hideo Kojima in development before being made by Konami.


The source of the Silent Hill images is “relatively new” to the Twilight Golems, but they say they have provided “enough evidence” to believe them.It’s apparently not the only Silent Hill game in development either, and leaked images It’s said to be from 2020, so things may change during development.

this DMCA removal issued To Dusk Golem’s Twitter account where the image first appears.

Whether this is a horror game that Bloober Team is working on with Konami is unclear. It was once thought to be a Silent Hill game, which the studio neither confirmed nor denied. All we know is that it’s working on an “existing horror series.”

Of course, Silent Hill games has to work with some studios. Back in December, series composer Akira Yamaoka said in an interview with Al Hub on YouTube that they were working on a new project to be announced this summer. Oddly, the channel was asked to remove the video, and without announcing to the world who or which company wanted it removed from the internet so strongly, it complied.

In conclusion, something is wrong with Konami and the Silent Hill IP. Hopefully this means we’ll get some sort of confirmation soon, since it’s been a long time since we received the official main entry for the series, as the last game to release was 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour.