Konami’s eFootball was a disaster when it was released, Steam’s worst-rated game ever

Well, Pro Evolution Soccer transitions to a completely free game Electronic football It’s really hot.

Konami football Since the development roadmap promises to provide many core functions through the title update, the player’s expectations for the future were launched on Wednesday.But this hasn’t even started to explain jank’s ranks Players have encountered-especially PC players, they did The worst rated Steam game of all time, According to a site’s metrics.

In the end what happened? Well, this:

No it’s not WWE 2K21, That’s another glitch.
Picture: Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami Through steam

And this:

Screen shot of malfunction in eFootball; goalkeeper's arm is severely twisted

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny in his best John Carpenter’s The Thing role-play.
Picture: Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami Through steam

And probably the most notorious example, as can be seen from many sources:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mouth is distorted in eFootball’s glitch screenshot

Picture: Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami Via EpicPes on Twitter

To be fair, these grotesque distortions, whether on the body or face, seem to appear in Electronic footballCutscenes and interstitial cutscenes. Not that it makes it more acceptable, but the game action seems to be plagued by fewer problems-although players complain about the general blur and sloppy animation, some of which can be seen in the pre-release game trailer.

It’s bad enough, Konami Gave up a generic apology Friday morning.

Electronic football Not only changed the name and format, but also changed the engine, the old proprietary Fox engine from Konami (yes, developed eight years ago Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zero) To Unreal Engine 4.Obviously, this fails to provide more impactful visual effects and animations, at least in Electronic footballCutscenes.

But players are also disappointed that Konami has failed to deliver on its promise of clearer gameplay, more realistic one-on-one confrontations, more aggressive defense, and faster counterattacks.many “Overwhelmingly negative” comments On Steam (there are 11,554 bad ones at the end) Electronic football For some new things (such as “the concept of a new defensive mechanism” and “caddy’s real-time game without cutting in”), it also found that the core gameplay has many flaws.

“The slow and consistent character model from the old game keeps the gameplay smooth and better than FIFA,” a commentator said on the day of the release. “This game is in the middle of two games. PES ball physics and FIFA player role model, which is too bad. You can’t mix the two because they have completely different styles.

“Two years of waiting for a game without MyClub, no [Master League] or [Be a Legend modes], And most importantly, the 2021 graphics look better than Polystyrene 13 with 17? They continued. “I don’t know how this was released. “(Konami developers skipped the full version last year and updated eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, Launched in the fall of 2019. )

This kind of strong protest has reasonable historical significance. Steam 250, a since 2014, Rank all games in the store Compared to each other based on user ratings, there are currently Electronic football As Worst in Next 100 gamesThe sports video games on this list are either launched in a largely incomplete state (WWE 2K20) Or lack the important functions of its console counterpart (Madden Rugby 22). Electronic football, It seems to have both.

“The upper limit of 60fps is despicable,” said Steam’s “most helpful” comments, This is indeed a balanced evaluation. They added: “The 30fps replay limit is even worse, especially because it seems to be an easy-to-run game.” Elsewhere, they found “the responsiveness of control when the player places the ball 1 mm in front of him There is a problem, but it takes a long time to respond, or it just coasts away.”

So what should I do now?Konami’s Tweet Commitment Electronic football “We will continue to update, improve quality, and continue to add content.” Has promised to update this month. The development roadmap provided in August stated that the game will include online leagues, team building mode, cross-platform competitions and a match pass system (Match Pass) in the first headline update.

Sounds like it might be shelved; if not, it should definitely be prioritized Electronic football Get the rest of it [act] Together.