Krafton, the company behind PUBG, acquired Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Krafton, Inc. announced that it will acquire Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the developer behind Subnautica.

This message is through a Press release On Krafton’s website, this indicates that it has decided to acquire Unknown Worlds today. Krafton said that the acquisition continues the company’s strategy of expanding and securing top talent under its studio umbrella.

“This latest decision continues Krafton’s expansion strategy, which is to ensure and invest in top talent eager to develop, innovate and create new experiences,” the press release reads. “Unknown Worlds became Krafton’s sixth independent studio, joining other experienced developers, including PUBG Studios, Striking Distance Studios, Bluehole Studio, RisingWings and Dreammotion.”

As mentioned above, Krafton is the company behind Striking Distance Studios, which is developing Callisto Agreement, A sci-fi horror game developed by Glenn Schofield, co-creator of Dead Space, set in the PUBG world. Now, Crafton has another horror (See, trying to survive underwater in Subnautica is terrible) Developers are under the umbrella of the unknown.

“It’s clear how consistent Unknown Worlds and Krafton are in our views on games and game development,” Unknown Worlds CEO Charlie Cleveland said in a press release. “Both Subnautica and PUBG started with humility and successfully developed through continuous iteration and feedback. We hope to bring new games to the world stage-with Krafton, we are close to a big step. We are really looking forward to our common future .”

Krafton said that despite the acquisition, Unknown Worlds will continue to work as an independent studio because it wants the studio’s structure and leadership to remain the same so that it can retain its “unique creative identity.” The press release also revealed that “Unknown World” “is currently developing a new genre-defining game, and plans to launch an early access version in 2022.”

Other details of the game currently under development were not disclosed, but as it launches in Early Access next year, it seems that it will follow the Subnautica: below zero route.While waiting to see what the game is, check out our thoughts on Subnautica Game informant Undersea review Then read our thoughts on its frozen sequel Game informant Subnautica: Below zero comments.

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