Lady Dimitresque Face Model Cosplay as a Cool Resident Evil Village Tribute Character

Well, well … Ethan Winters. I’ve shared some really cool Lady Dimitresque cosplays in the past, but nothing comparable to a real face model paying her own special compliment to Resident Evil Village.

Helena Mankovska provided the face of Big Tall Vampire Lady, who fell in love with the internet. So it’s no exaggeration to say that this aristocratic fan was excited to see the character come back to life when she took her role to the next level with a full-fledged cosplay shoot.

The actress also showed a close-up shot that honestly brings the horror of Dimitresk’s house to the front and center. With its moody lighting and sharp angles, it’s easy to see her fall back into the role of the first real threat Ethan Winters encounters. Even if it’s far from the end.

You can easily see that the actress is having fun in the little video below. It’s always interesting to see the faces and voices behind the iconic characters all-in to fandom’s love. Even if you want to have more screen time for our beloved vamp, you love to see it.

Coming over 9 feet high, we enjoyed this fan-led phenomenon in the annual April Fool’s Game Inferser coverage. A comparative body within her grasp.

What are your thoughts on Helena’s Lady Dimitresk cosplay? What are your thoughts on the character herself and her role in the latest Resident Evil games? Make a noise in the comments section below to tell us all the thirsty hot takes.