Lana’s Planet is a stunning indie adventure with adorable Floor balls

The Summer Game Fest is currently taking place and there were some amazing Triple A releases, but the centerpiece was a very fascinating indie adventure. The Planet of Lana features a stunningly artistic world that players can explore, but let’s become a reality for a moment. Whatever that little black flock ball, we need it.

Wishfully Studios Planet of Lana is a movie puzzle adventure game that challenges young girls to embark on a new mission for heroes with their adorable little friends. The world in which she and her fluffy companions have to adventure is a colorful whirlwind of beauty and inspirational exploration, a planet unpolluted by the fall of mankind. The incongruity that has slowly unraveled the balance between humanity and nature poses new dangers on the horizon in the form of unfriendly faceless troops. Fortunately, it doesn’t elaborate on the disasters one might think of.

“This isn’t about war,” said the game’s official studio. websiteInstead, it’s a story about a journey to accurately maintain a beautiful and peaceful planet: beautiful and peaceful. It looks absolutely great, and a peaceful game that we can easily see on Nintendo Switch.

The beautiful off-world journey is scheduled for 2022 release, but we don’t know the exact release date or platform to be released.

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