Last Call is a game about domestic abuse that is both devastating and healing

It feels good to be understood. If someone tells you they saw you, they heard you.This is a key idea Sibele The latest game by designer Nina Freeman, Last call. Together with collaborator Jake Jefferies, Freeman’s Last call Freeman said in the game description on that this is another autobiographical game, “based on the life experience of a game designer.”

Last call Focusing on domestic violence and rehabilitation, it is described through a series of poems hidden in flashing, hot boxes. from the beginning to the end, Last call It happened in a partially cleaned apartment, looking forward to moving. There are no other people in the apartment, only dim windows and a burning box. The box contained a person’s belongings: clothes, video games, books and the like. Some of them have a piece of paper sliding inside.

Picture: Nina Freeman, Jack Jeffries

In these poems scattered among the boxes, Freeman reflects on the relationship that inspired the game—from the beginning of joy to the end of violence. These poems alleviate the violence of domestic abuse, how quickly it can fall into a relationship and dominate. She captures the destruction, insecurity and despair of emotional and physical abuse in these poems. Although the game does not portray these behaviors physically, they are described in detail in poems, and they are usually equally scary and fragile.

Although Freeman focused on the painful reality of this relationship, Last call It feels more like a cure: the game uses a unique voice recognition mechanism to establish a strong connection between Freeman and the player; Last call The player is required to actually hear these words and respond in turn-by speaking these words out loud. (There is an option to play the game with this feature turned off, but if possible, it is recommended that you do so.)

The box in the apartment is on fire

Picture: Nina Freeman, Jack Jeffries

I don’t remember any game asking me to talk to it.exist Last call, If yes: I’ll listen to you. I saw you.I believe you. Finding these words, packing these boxes to extinguish these flames, I think this is a way of letting go. I heard this story-part of the feeling reflected in my own life-means that someone also heard my story. In terms of all its intimacy, this is a cure.

Last call Available for free on It carries with regard to “domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse, violence against women, suicidal ideas and attempts, [and] Sexual content. ” Last call End with link National League Against Domestic Violence.