Latest reviews from EDGE Magazine

The latest issue of EDGE magazine is now subscribed, and issue 365 contains many high-profile reviews such as Metroid Fear, Far Cry 6 and Fallback 4 Blood. Four games received an 8/10 rating, which is the highest rating reviewed this month. Here are the latest reviews from the respected British game magazine:

Metroid Fear
“Thankfully, these are rare pauses in the game, just like its heroes and monsters, the best exercise. This may be contrary to the establishment of this type of fantasy (see later script), but the fear is actually Be in the best condition when guiding the player, leaving only enough agents to make sure you don’t realize what’s going on. You are guided seamlessly, from hurriedly crossing the map to carefully exploring the darkest corners and entering the EMMI encounter Persistent tension and enter the battle with a tough boss, at least you can face it head-on. All these elements are so well combined that it may be difficult for a newcomer to tell which one is regrafted. A perfect organism? No Exactly, but in its best extension, fear has a drive that can be fascinating for hours at a time. It is difficult to look away from the screen—even at the moment of total horror, you might want it.” [8]

Far Cry 6
“So, despite the vibrant landscapes and characters of Far Cry 6, it is a mediocre exercise. But perhaps, given their similarities to Cuban history, even they will eventually make the situation worse. It It hit us in an early mission because we charged around the tobacco plantation with flamethrowers, burning crops and soldiers according to the tune of Bella Ciao. Hearing the song of resistance in such a game that is not willing to take risks, it feels like It’s a bit sad. We didn’t expect Ubisoft to use Far Cry 6 to completely change the open world game, but it at least makes us feel that it believes that change is possible.” [5]

4 blood back
“You can imagine a great Left 4 Dead sequel built around this idea. Back 4 Blood is sometimes close, but it is weakened by the established wisdom about what blockbuster games require. In the tribute, it is Religious, but poisoned by suspicion. It doesn’t believe the genius of Left 4 Dead is enough to make it independent.” [6]

Lemnis Gate
“This is not only a game where you can decide the game with a single stroke, turning a 3-1 loss into a 4-0 victory, but a game where you know these bets in advance. The effect is like trying after drinking double espresso. Playing chess, if we often fumble when we are winning, then there is more reason to continue to come back. However, you may understand why an empty map may be attractive. When we come down from a game and plan the next game , The moment was calm and peaceful. Next. There is the next one.” [8]

Loss of judgment
“Inevitably, many of the other stories you hear on the streets of Isezaki Ijincho (and to a lesser extent Kamurocho) are immersed in violence, which raises a question: this is a detective story, Or is it an action game that pretends to be a detective story? Does it matter either way? We dare to do this: it still feels like a miss. RGG Studio has the opportunity to do something different in the world it builds—even if this It may mean longer intervals between releases, because it solves how to make Yagami more like a criminal policeman than a catcher. At the same time, the ongoing dispute over image rights between Sega and the agency of actor Takuya Kimura makes people Worry. Even if he physically attacked a child half his age, Iori is still the kind of hero we want to see more principled and flawed. If nothing else, “The Lost Trial” proves that if he can’t It would be a huge shame to have another chance to find one’s own position.” [7]

“Of course, randomness is part of the transaction, but even if the tricky rules of the game are internalized, there are other rules that seem to be beyond the player’s understanding-sometimes you will feel that all this is far away from Mullins. Simply put , The role of luck is too great; a few bad draws may make you unable to win a hand, and erase up to half an hour of progress, with almost no display. After consecutive failures, it will condescend to throw it at you Occasionally bones, it feels very glorious; what’s worse, it illuminates in a condescending way the solution to the difficult problem you have formulated but cannot be implemented, because the RNG gods refuse to smile at you. What’s even more maddening is that there are Extraordinary creativity. They are just scattered a bit too thin. If Inscryption is half as long, it may be twice as long as the game. In fact, there are too many secrets that are more comforting when they are finally revealed from the shadows. Not joy.” [7]

beautiful life
“In other words, just like Hayward, you will find your feelings for the rainy forest oscillate between irritation and entertainment. The good life creates a fascinating and weird journey within the 12 hours of its story, even though you Hardly want to spend weeks there, let alone months. If nothing else (we should probably thank the British cultural ambassador of the game, Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games), it briefly gives us reason to like this island of Scepter. Now, this is no easy task.” [5]

“All of this is presented in the classic Kimura style, with bright colors, surreal gorgeousness, babbling voice samples and a series of low voice singing (a variant with an introduction to percussion, reminiscent of A certain jungle reality show), you will have a hard time expelling from your brain. In other words, a small shift fits the two parts of the equation.” [7]

Electronic beat
“During its minimalist display and constant epiphany, we are reminded of the BoxBoy series of HAL Labs! You may find yourself like us, like a love-lost pigeon, with the simple and originality of some of the puzzles Cooing sound. Just like BoxBoy!, its simple appearance conceals the gentle and playful design, and also adds some interesting visual effects: sometimes Elec will turn its head upside down, sometimes it will stand on the base to open the dormant screen. Shows a spiral of pixelated poo. Short but memorable, this is a low-key victory: If Japanese independent developer Nama Takahashi does not continue to do bigger things, we will be shocked.” [8]

“The passage of time is conveyed through constantly changing decorations and technological advancements, because the GameCube is combined with Wii, desktop computers and laptops, and the thick displays are replaced by flat panel displays. When we find ourselves familiar with objects that have survived our travels (Pig Plush! Ghost World DVD!) When we are surprised, like we feel sad about what we are missing, we want to know: Will you miss the past of others? This smart, relevant and absolutely stress-free game It’s a simple idea, almost perfectly realized-showing that it is entirely possible.” [8]

Beast destroyer
“This can and does happen with annoying regularity, exhausting direct combat, because when you are perfectly aligned, the scale will grow again. The penalty for failure is zero, and it will not be so frustrating. It is tedious, and success depends on favorable rebounds and the whimsical ideas of beast sports as skills or strategies. Of course, luck is a factor of Peggle, but there is no PopCap’s clever use of feedback, nor is there anything close to the celebration of victory. Something. There is no doubt that Walmer will rebound, but for such a clearly talented designer, it feels like a strange fire.” [5]