“Laughably well made” – Harada’s review of the Tekken 7 Elden Ring mod

if you are not enough Eldon Ring Just now, we’ve got some good news for you – there’s now a mod that brings the sprawling, intimidating action RPG to a relatively narrow stage. Tekken 7.

exist a tweet Shared by Katsuhiro Harada, “Game Director/Lead Producer” of the fighting game series, we saw the world of The Lands Between invade Tekken Championship 7’s ridiculous mode and even bring torrents into the melee.

Sharing the mod – which includes Prisoner Class, Melina, Defiled character models, and more wrangling with the Tekken Engine – Harada points out how “well-made” this mod is…  and ask the player to “stop it”.

“You may not know it, but it’s surprising how many people thought it was an official mod or created various misunderstandings and reached out to us,” he expanded in further tweets (edited for clarity). “I’m not saying anything for your personal enjoyment, but I want you to know that there are people in your community who can make noise out of misunderstandings.”

With Bandai Namco releasing both Tekken 7 and Elden Ring at the same time, Harada seems to have some issues with people thinking this might be an official mod. However, apparently not, according to his angry tweet.

Even seeing a giant lobster in Iron Fist isn’t surprising, really – the list of characters includes Panda (a giant panda), Kumar (a giant bear), Roger (a giant kangaroo), Alex (a big dinosaur), the development team even thought of including a giant soft salmon in the game of Tekken 3. Strange things happen in the world of Tekken than Elden Ring.

This mod comes from a twitter user @uwais_alqaraniYou can Check out all their other mods here. If you are looking for Elden RIng mods – The Ultimate Elden Ring Mod Pack – Instead, click the link.

This mod adds 8 new presets for 8 different characters; Melina uses Lidia’s character models, Malenia uses Kunimitsu, Lobster uses Heihachi (brilliant), Jar uses Gigas, Prisoner uses Lee, Radahn uses Marduk, Ranni uses Kazumi, Raging Wolf Armor Tarnished use Kazuya.

Perhaps our favorite part of this mod was seeing that sentient jar that has become synonymous with the game take Gigas moves and take down living crap from a tainted one. Just like in Elden Ring! correct?

a top reply The original tweet showed off the well-made Tekken/Elden Ring mod, lamenting: “If there were only games like Tekken, but with swords and weapons…damn…this would be a EVERYONE Cool game that everyone should play. ..” The tweet came with an image of Soul Sword 6, another fighting game made by Bandai Namco. Everyone seems to be getting a little salty on Twitter this morning.

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