Laura and the Guardian of Light from the Temple of Osiris come to Nintendo Switch

Crystal Dynamics and Feral Interactive will bring Laura and the Guardian of Light with Laura and the Temple of Osiris To Nintendo Switch.

The arcade-inspired action-adventure game marks the console debut of the Tomb Raider series.

Both games focus on exploration, discovery, platforming and puzzle solving, as well as multiplayer cooperation, character development and combat.

“Laura and the Guardian of Light” was released digitally in 2010, and it landed on Xbox Live Arcade in August, and then on PC and PlayStation Network in September. It entered iOS in December.

The game received five batches of DLC, including new maps, puzzles, and different playable characters.

In it, Laura and the ancient Mayan warrior Totek, also the leader of the Army of Light, tried to stop the evil soul Xolotl and his minions before dawn the next day.

In Aztec mythology, the twin brother of the Quetzalcoatl god Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, is the god of fire and lightning. He is portrayed as a dog head on a person. He is also the guide of the souls of the dead, and the god of monsters, diseases, deformities and misfortunes. He also appeared in Mayan mythology as a dog that brought fire to humans and was also related to lightning.

The temple of Lara and Osiris took place in the desert of Egypt. It was discovered that Lara and the rival treasure hunter Catbell and the imprisoned gods Isis and Horus joined forces. The goal of the quartet is to defeat the evil God Set. For this, they must fight the elements through the tomb to restore the lost fragments of Osiris to prevent Set from enslaving humans.

For some background stories in this regard, in the myth of Osiris, Set killed Osiris and dismembered his body. After spreading parts of the body of the gods on the surface of the earth, Set took over the kingdom of Osiris and ruled with his spouse Nefertis. While mourning her lost husband, the goddess Isis began to collect fragments of Osiris. She successfully found all the parts, and with the help of Thoth and Anubis, they resurrected Osiris long enough for Isis to be pregnant with her son Horus.

Both games will be released in 2022, and the exact date will be announced later.