Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, host of the Wizarding Show, explains the most controversial changes in Season 2

If you haven’t watched Season 2 of The Witcher, stop reading now before I spoil one of its twists and one more significant deviation from the book. Yes, so, in the second episode of season 2, we visited Kaer Morhen, which looked a lot like in a video game, and met Geralt’s companion of the Demon Hunter. Vesemir, Lambert, Coen, and Eskel were among the brothers Ciri knew during his stay, although one of them was fewer than the others. During a major departure, Esquel was infected by the monster. By the end of this episode, he had completely transformed and had to be suppressed by Geralt.

Fans of the scarred Eskel—he survived the book and appeared in the game to help Geralt complete a drunken prank involving cross-dressing—are not really happy about this.In the behind-the-scenes documentary Wizard: Unlock It will definitely appear. “Can you explain your decision to kill him so soon?” the show host Felicia Day asked. “Because people want to know.”