Lax Rax is the board game accessory you really need

We wrote a lot of interesting board game accessories on Polygon dot com. Dice library? We got them. Innovative small rolling tray? certainly. Strange pizza lift? why not. But I’ll be honest: you don’t need those.What you need is some Lax Lax, You need them now.

This is a bit like a meme in the board game circle, but the truth is that IKEA only has a good shelving unit that fits most modern board games. It’s called Kallax, and…well, it’s not perfect.

I think they look bad, on the one hand. It’s just a bunch of big squares, you have to bolt it to the wall so that the whole thing doesn’t fall over. I have one at home, but we use it to make toys for the youngest child. These toys are packed in colorful baskets. The large number of colors at least makes it moderately attractive. As long as she doesn’t climb, I’m happy.

However, for board games, you have two options when using Kallax. You can put your board game at the end, but everything inside will roll over. Unless you have thrown away the inserts (and there are a lot of good packaging these days) and packed everything up, it’s a fool’s errand. It will only slow down the speed at which you set up the game, and you may damage the bits in the process.

Or, you can stack these board games one by one, in small batches of three or four per square.But then you were playing Hamburg time Some very expensive meat pies. Take out the board game at the bottom and everything will fall apart. Your box is tumbling around, maybe it’s digging your wall (Kallax is open at the back), maybe you’re scraping the beautiful cover art on the box.

So this is Lax Lax Come in.

Lax Rax uses 3M adhesive pads to stick to the inner surface of Kallax. Put the board game in, put four Rax on the top of the box to adjust the size, and then glue them down. There is even a built-in size guide for separating items so as not to scratch anything. Attach some wooden dowels-or a complete plastic frame-everything is in its place. It’s damn smart, I’m a little frustrated I didn’t think about it myself.

It is also very suitable for displaying drawn miniatures, which is something I have been trying to solve for several years, but with bad luck. Take some magnets and your military tray will be built in.

Of course, this largely depends on the quality of 3M tape. Maybe the humidity in your house. Therefore, once the final product appears in the wild, we will have to see how it works. If you like it, you can buy 96 Lax Rax for $55-enough for 24 shelves. The delivery time is scheduled for June 2022. Kickstarter activities At the time of writing this article has pledged US$290,000 and has been successful. The event will continue until September 23.