League of Legends has received a new music video for its upcoming TV series, including Imagine Dragons

Music has always been an important part of Riot Games and League of Legends, so it is not surprising that the studio releases a new music video for its upcoming show Arcane. The Netflix series (which premiered on November 6th) is the origin story of the iconic League of Legends heroes Vi and Jinx as they were torn apart by the wider conflict that broke out between the twin cities of Piltworth and Zuan. The scientific utopia, the other is the biohazard wasteland. Yesterday, Riot announced Arcane’s title song, named Enemy by Imagine Dragons, with its own custom music video. it’s great.

I am not a big fan of Imagine Dragons, but I like the confrontational atmosphere of the music and the surprise rap episodes performed by JID.Instead of cutting out the clips from the show and stitching them with real-life Imagine Dragons clips, the band is fully animated as if they were characters exist Arcane. It’s hard to overstate the gorgeousness of this animation. I have been talking since Arcane was first released in 2019, but it looks very beautiful here. Over the years, Riot’s animation trailers have set high benchmarks, but with Arcane, it feels like the studio is incorporating a unique painting aesthetic, which is different from what I have seen in other animation studios.