League of Legends Season 12 Launches Today With Huge New Changes

League of Legends Season 12 Launching today, it brings a slew of visual changes and new features for Summoners to play with as they return to ranked. This marks the 12th season of League of Legends since its launch in 2009 and the start of Riot’s first big push into 2022.

Players looking to enter the new season of League of Legends may be shocked by the addition of a brand new character: Zerry. This exciting marksman has a wide variety of abilities with an emphasis on movement and stored energy that can be unleashed in massive damage blasts.

League players will be able to vote for the next visual overhaul for champions that desperately need a top-to-bottom overhaul. These include Kogmaw, Nocturne, Tryndamere, Shyvana and Skarner. I don’t know of anyone who has read this, but I’m praying for everyone’s favorite scorpion!

In Season 12, we also got some small but equally cool changes. Ranks are getting their own visual upgrade so you can better showcase your skills and style. Running from today until January 13, there are also new missions to start this season, giving those eager to join in the chance to win some sweet prizes.

Wild Rift also gets some important additions – the biggest being massive terrain changes. Each game, the map will be themed around one of the original four elemental dragons: Hell, Cloud, Ocean or Mountain. Upcoming heroes have also been revealed, Sett and Yummi starting in patch 3.0, and Shen and Karma coming in patch 3.1.

Finally, challenges have been added to League of Legends, allowing players to work toward other goals than killing a lot or simply winning the game. Don’t let this be an excuse to lose the game, you should always fight to win!

Riot Games recently settled their ongoing sex discrimination lawsuit against them Following an investigation into the company in 2018. The developer has agreed to donate $100 million to the studio’s current and former female employees.