League of Legends season 12 preseason starts today

attention League of Legends Players, it’s time again.this 12th season preseason The patch was released today, and with it a lot of new changes, major adjustments and constant adjustments, we are also preparing for the start of the season.

Anyone who has participated in the preseason will know this is a busy time. Riot Games has always used this period as an opportunity to introduce all its new features to the game, paying attention to the confusion and balance caused by the preseason.

This year, we got some Quite significant change To the game. The most obvious of these are the two new dragons being added to the existing four dragon pools. These newly joined Hextech and Chemical Technology young dragons have brought their own new map changes and unique gifts, which the team can obtain by defeating them.

When the Chemtech young dragon changes the terrain, a huge gas cloud will appear in the jungle. This provides camouflage for any hero who enters, makes it more difficult to gain vision in these parts of the map, and opens up the possibility of unexpected teamfights.

On the other hand, Hextech young dragons have added portals to the jungle, allowing players who click on them to pass through the Summoner’s rift in an instant. This will make wandering on the road and wild ganks a greater threat, so be sure to place your guards accordingly.

It’s not just the dragons that are undergoing some major changes. The pre-patch for season 12 adds guest viewing money to the game. It works similarly to the championship bounty system that already exists in the game. If the team falls behind, destroying marked targets such as turrets or young dragons will provide the team with additional gold rewards, helping them to catch up and win the game.

In addition, we have seen that the project has received a lot of attention. New myths like the Crown of the Broken Queen and Shroud of Twilight are designed to provide a useful mythological choice for certain heroes who until now feel as if they lack a true cornerstone in their construction.

As you might expect, Rune also got some love. Deadly rhythms and glacier reinforcement are becoming more useful, hoping to change their status from strange alternatives to powerful meta-options.

Finally, the Rift Raptor is losing its early game importance. For now, most of the early games are heavily influenced by whether the jungler can kill these elusive river monsters, so this is somewhat weakened. Now, they offer fewer coins, less XP, and are smaller to indicate that they are less valuable.

With this, we have ended all the content of the 12th season of League of Legends preseason. This update was released immediately after Riot Game’s Arcane event ended. We saw Jinx come to Fortnite, and a new agent joined Valorant’s lineup and a lot of other new content.