Leak claims Arma Reforger will be next game in series and bridge to Arma 4

A leaked marketing guide claims the next game in the Arma series could be Arma Reforger, a game that uses Bohemia Interactive’s new Enfusion engine, which isn’t Arma 4. Due to the complexities of developing Arma 4, the guide says that Bohemia intends for Arma Reforger to be a bridge between the current Arma community and new games that will also introduce the franchise to a new audience — console players. Arma Reforger is said to be available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The marketing guide was posted on a forum called Reddit Game Leaks and Rumors. It is widely regarded as credible given that the Bohemians themselves will give a “Future of Arms” speech on May 17. postal last week.