Leaked port of Stalker is a strange new front in the Ukraine war

If you’ve been lurking on the Stalker subreddit lately, you’ve almost certainly encountered a strange anomaly: a leaked build of the so-called console port of the original Stalker: Chernobyl Shadow. Rumored to release shortly before Stalker 2, the build shows the familiar classic in a slightly altered state: no cursor in sight, controller prompts everywhere, and I’ll eat my hat if that’s mouselook. This all seems very reasonable, and while GSC declined to comment when PCG asked about it, it feels like too much work for even the most committed modders.

But what’s interesting isn’t this alien version of Stalker, but the files that come with it. Written by a Russian anchor named “Nevazhno, Kto” and “Velichaishii” (meaning “Nobody Matters” and “The Greatest” respectively), the five-page booklet is partially Confession, part manifesto, and an overview of how and why he leaked the port.