Learn about the modules that restore the lost DLC of Mass Effect

Mgamerz, the head of the ME3Tweaks modification team, said: “I usually measure the difficulty of the task by the number of aneurysms it brings me.” “This project undoubtedly gave me the biggest gain of all the projects I have done before.”

The project is restoring Pinnacle Station, which is an add-on to the original Mass Effect that was missed in the Legend of Mass Effect. The source code is corrupted, and as explained by game director Mac Walters, restoring it will greatly delay the legendary version. Walters said: “For most of the teams we have, we basically still need a full six months to do this.” Game informant“I hope we can do it. To be honest, just because it means everything that the team has created is brought together again-all single player content. So leaving them all on the editing room floor is heartbreaking “

(Image source: ME3Tweaks)

The ME3Tweaks modification team Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, Kinkojiro and HenBagle set out to fix this omission.It is possible thanks Legendary explorer, A mod production tool they maintain, allows mod makers to extract and repackage assets from the Legend of Mass Effect, and edit everything from text in the game to pathfinding. It is the successor of ME3Explorer, a similar tool set, originally a “creation kit” for mod makers who want to change the ending of Mass Effect 3. “Although this particular project has been several months old,” said Sir Cxyrtyx, the longest-serving member of the modification tool set development team, “in some respects, it is the work that has made the Mass Effect trilogy modifiable in the past ten years. The crystallization.”