Left 4 Dead creator on the boom in co-op games: ‘There still aren’t enough’

Mike Booth, one of the founders of Turtle Rock and creator of Left 4 Dead, recently provided some insight into his creative process and his take on the current influx of co-op games in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun.

The most surprising titbit for me was his assertion that there still aren’t enough co-op games out there today, despite their recent rise in popularity thanks to the pandemic. As Booth puts it, “It’s hard to make a good co-op game. Because you have to build the game from the beginning assuming that it’s co-op. To design a game assuming that you have to work together to win the game, and not in a punitive way, in a way that players want to do that, and it feels great, is a fundamentally different way of thinking and designing a game around that, and there just aren’t enough yet. There still aren’t enough.”